Rachel Chan | Lets talk about maternity leave…
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Lets talk about maternity leave…

We all know becoming a mum is a totally life changing experience & with this huge life change comes new challenges but also new opportunities. Maternity leave is about enjoying that quality time with your new baby & watching all their first year milestones but it’s also the perfect time to reflect on what you want for your future as a new mum and what your options now are when it comes to your work life.


I used my first maternity leave to start & build my own online business, which within 6 months had replaced my full time income & enabled me to wave goodbye to the world of 9-5 employment & not to have to return to my job after my mat leave ended. It wasn’t an easy task growing a business whilst being a new mum but it was so worth it. The second time round, having my second baby, my business had its biggest months in sales turnover & my income more than doubled on many months during that 9 month period, when typically in a job your maternity pay is decreasing, which is I encourage so many women to consider their options when it comes to building a secondary income. Because let’s all be honest, Maternity pay sucks!!


I was so honoured to have been featured in the book ‘Maternity Leavers’ as a case study of someone who started up a homebased business & didn’t have to return to employment. What I love about the book is that it shares all the different options we have as a new mums & that not one way is right or wrong. Whether you choose to go back to full time employment, whether you choose to be a full time stay at home mum or whether you choose to combine both building a business & being at home with your kids, it’s what works for you & your family.


This book is great for anyone who may be looking at what their options are after having a baby. “Maternity leave isn’t an obstacle to your career – it’s an opportunity to create the working life you’ve always wanted.”

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